The grip knob has been designed to ensure maximum ergonomics while tightening/loosening the grip’s jaws. The grip’s bolt has acme thread to hasten the process of tightening and/or loosening the jaws. The offset design of the Reaper Grip allows for several advantages. It allows for magazine changes with the rifle mounted and provides easy manipulation of the control arm. This offset design can accommodate most any rifle with bottom metal or extended magazines and still keep a very balanced center of gravity. (See store section for further details and specs of the Reaper Grip.)


The Reaper Shooting Platform is operated on our patent pending hinge block. This hinge block design allows the shooter the ability to smoothly pan and tilt the rifle. Unlike the many expensive camera ball heads that are currently used by shooters, with mixed reviews, our pan/tilt mechanism was designed specifically for rifle shooting. With either of our rifle rests, the shooter can traverse the rifle 360 degrees horizontally and tilt to all but extreme upward angles. The locking control arm allows the shooter’s off-hand to lock the rifle at the desired vertical angle/tilt. With less than 1/4 of a turn, the locking control arm goes from allowing the rifle to freely rotate vertically to completely locking it down.  Locking the rifle at the desired position allows for added stability when firing and greatly reduces shooter fatigue when waiting to take a shot.  The Reaper Grip will allow for left or right handed operation. In conjunction with the control arm, we have also added a drag adjustment knob feature which controls the amount of resistance while panning horizontally. With the “Reaper Shooting Platform”, Kopfjager Industries has created a way to maximize proper shooting techniques outside of the conventional prone supported position.  This added stability will benefit even the newest of shooters and give them the confidence to make the shot of a lifetime.  There is no comparing a shooting bipod/stick style of rest with the Reaper. So whether you’re a hunter looking to maximize your shooting position or you’re a Law Enforcement/Military Sniper making a critical shot to save lives, the Reaper is a must have.

The Reaper Shooting Platform

Patent Pending


The "Reaper Shooting Platform” was created to fill the void between the cheaply built, lower quality shooting rests and the expensive immobile ones while delivering the shooter the means to be very accurate outside of the prone position. We here at Kopfjager Industries have thought through every detail in its design and construction relying on our combined backgrounds in military, law enforcement and aerospace engineering. This platform truly is an innovation in shooting rests.  With this rest we have brought sniper/professional shooting techniques to the average outdoorsman without compromising quality or portability.  We’re confident the ergonomics of this rest combined with its smooth pan/tilt and superior locking ability will give the shooter superior accuracy in a wide array of shooting positions.


The “Reaper Grip” is a compact option we developed for those needing a little more portability. The grip is composed of a patent pending fixed jaw in conjunction with a rotating jaw.

This clamp design allows various rifle contours to be more evenly gripped as compared with other (parallel jaw) clamps that are not able to rotate to accommodate tapered or unique style stocks. The sides of this grip slightly turn inward at the top to further ensure the rifle is locked in position when the grip is tightened down.

Mounting the Reaper Grip

Reaper Grip design features

Tripod basics

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