The reaper provides unmatched efficiency and performance with the use of a tripod.  It can be utilized from standing, sitting and kneeling, making it extremely convenient for fast set up along tree lines and other cover areas that provide concealment to the hunter while allowing a stable and confident long range shot from the standing position at a moments notice.


Using the reaper from a sitting position allows for all day comfort in pop up blinds and other ground blinds while still providing the hunter the confidence and the ability to make the shot.  The sitting position is also popular for target shooting and zeroing a rifle.  Most shooters use a bench rest in this position but the Reaper eliminates the need for benches or tables.


The Reaper really shines when used in the kneeling position.  Great for situations when concealment is of the upmost importance.  From predator hunting to standing watch, the reaper covers all your needs for a superior rifle stabilization platform to enable you to make that crucial shot when the opportunity presents itself.

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