Fear the Reaper


Kopfjager Industries was created to fill the need that still exists to provide a rifle rest that enables anyone from the novice beginner through the experienced professional an opportunity to make that bulls eye shot every time.


The "Reaper Rest"™ rifle rest was designed as a man portable system to bridge the gap between the casual outdoor enthusiast to the hardcore hunter to the professionally trained military and Law Enforcement sniper.  This innovative design helps eliminate much of the negative effects that we as humans have on shot placement, such as jerking the trigger, breathing, recoil anticipation, and other bad habits that negatively effect the accuracy of a projectile fired from the rifle.


Our innovative saddle contour also allows for most rifles including bolt action, semi-auto, lever action, and rifles with extended magazines such as the AR15 variants and AK variants to be used with no extra effort or adjustments.  Most typical shooting platforms balance the rifle through the center or front of the rifle.  By doing this these shooting platforms rely on the shooter to maintain target acquisition by supporting the rear of the rifle either by their shoulder or other physical contact. We at Kopfjager Industries have methodically thought out the detailed and specific contours of the saddle to provide full support to both the front and rear of the rifle, thus greatly minimizing the effects that the shooter has on the rifle. Our locking design was invented with the proper shooting techniques utilized by professional marksman.  The ergonomic design of the locking handle keeps the shooters off hand under and to the rear of the butt stock while both the front and rear of the stock are fully supported. The locking handle allows the shooter the ability to lock the saddle in place vertically to alleviate the need for the shooter to support the weight of the rifle. The lock also allows the shooter to go hands off while accessing other equipment needed during the course of a hunt, an operation, or many other shooting venues while the rifle remains on target without shooter contact. The Reaper rest provides a tension adjustment knob for the right and left movements. This provides smoother tracking of moving targets while giving the shooter the ability to choose between heavier or lighter tension pressures depending on the weight of the rifle and the physical traits of the shooter.  Other major benefits that the Reaper provides are re-loads while maintaining the rifles position in the saddle, reduced recoil, ability to maintain target acquisition while the shooters hands are not on the rifle, disabled persons, women and youth hunters, less misses while hunting, supporting the rifle safely while in a blind or on a perimeter, easily transported for most hunting or military/police purposes, super fast set up time, smooth tracking of moving targets both vertically and horizontally, zeroing a new scope or rifle, target shooting, longer range shots, eliminates the need for benches and other cumbersome gear or equipment.



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